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Maya Beginner Basics: Custom Polygon Display

Category: 3D Modeling: Maya
September 28, 2010
Full Text Tutorial and Notes:

Maya Beginner Basics

The following is a 10-Part series on Maya Beginner Basics. The tutorials are set up in-specific to game environment modeling.

Custom Polygon Display allows you to modify how objects appear in your scene. There are many options available. Few to note are edge width and backface culling.

Tutorial covers:

  • Custom Polygon Display
  • Edge Width
  • Backface Culling


Display --> Polygons --> Custom Polygon Display.

Also, you may want to place this on your custom shelf we created earlier.

Maya Beginner Basics


Few options you want to turn on and know about are backface culling and edge width.

Maya Beginner Basics

10-Part Maya Beginner Basics Series:

1. Interface Overview
2. Setting Preferences
3. How to Create a Custom Shelf
4. Viewport Navigation
5. Geometry Modeling Basics
6. Geometry Modeling Basics - Exercise
7. Custom Polygon Display
8. Outliner, Hypergraph and Hypershade
9. Snapping and Pivots
10. How to Set Up a New Project

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