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2 Free Tutorial Guides - "Ultimate Level Design Guide & How to Create a Map in 11 Days"

SOFTWARE: No Software Required

TOPICS: Level Design and Environment Art

INCLUDES: 2 PDF Ebook (200+ pages)

Ultimate Level Design Guide and How to Create a Map in 11 Days PDF Guides

The Ultimate Level Design Guide and How to Create a Map in 11 Day are 2 free PDF guides with over 200+ pages of level design tips, advice and technique. They are yours, completely free! I have spent months writing and compiling these guides. I actually thought about putting a price tag on them, but in the end I decided to give it away for free.

  • Ebook #1: "Create a Map in 11 Days" PDF Guide
  • Ebook #2: "Ultimate Level Design" PDF Guide. Includes 150 pages and 55 chapters
  • Both guides have been downloaded over 30,000+ times
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