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Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood - Tutorial List

Chrome Editor and Chrome Engine 5 Tutorial List for Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood. All Tutorials on this page were sponsored by Techland.

Basics/Getting Started:

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Tools, Support and Beginning

Download and install ChromEd toolset for Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood.

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ChromEd Interface and Navigation

Learn the interface and navigation in Chrome Editor.

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Creating Initial Environment

Learn how to set up initial environment.


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Terrain Workflow

Tutorial covers terrain workflow and creating your terrain.

Props and Objects:

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Object Props

Place and manipulate objects inside your world.

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Custom Object. Maya to ChromEd

Learn how to import your own custom objects from Maya to Chrome Editor.

Roads, Rivers and Forests:

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Roads and Rivers

Create rivers and roads.

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Brush Tool and Forester

Using Brush tool and Forester tool.

Gameplay, AI, Waypoints, Fightnodes, Objectives:

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AI, Waypoints and Fightnodes

Setting up AI, waypoints and fightnodes.

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AI, Action Chains and Sensors

Set up AI action chains and sensors for AI.

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AI Scripts and Triggers

Using AI scripts and triggers.

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Overview of Actions and Behaviors

Overview of various actions and behaviors.

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Setting Up Objectives

Set up objectives in your map.

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Setting Up Objectives and Quests

Set up quests in your map.

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Overview of Item Types

Overview of various item types.

Map Optimization and Publishing:

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Map Optimization and Class Types

How to optimize your map.

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Publishing Your Map

How to publish your map for others to play.

Download Entire Series:

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Download the Entire Set of CoJ2 Single Player Videos

Download entire series of videos from Techland.