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Collections/Best Of - Tutorials List

Best of WoLD Collections compiled

Collections and "Best of" tutorials. List of all the best tutorials combined into collection of listed articles.

Table of Content:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • 3D Modeling: Maya LT/Maya
  • Source Engine: CS:GO, L4D2, L4D1
  • Productivity, Time and Project Management

Unreal Engine 4

UE4: My Projects Series - How To Create, Rename & Move Projects

4 tutorials on how to get started with managing "My Projects" inside Unreal Engine Launcher.

3D Modeling: Maya LT/Maya

13 Beginner Tutorials to Get Started Learning Maya LT/Maya for Game Environment Modeling

Full list of all 13 tutorials to get you started learning Maya LT/Maya for game environment art. Entire beginner tutorial series.

Source: CS:GO, L4D2, L4D1

The Complete "Abandoned House" Workflow Tutorial Series in Hammer Source (All 5 Tutorials)

5-part series showing you how the "Abandoned House" environment was created using CS:GO version of Hammer Source. Works for TF2, CS:GO, HL2 series and L4D series.

Creating Roads Series in Hammer Source

COMING SOON: Extensive 8-part series detailing how to create roads in Hammer: Source. Works for TF2, CS:GO, HL2 series and L4D series.

Productivity and Time Management:

Top 6 Tutorials on Productivity, Focus and Time Management

Time management, focus, discipline and being able to finish a project are very important topics. Here are 6 top tutorials on productivity and time management.