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UDK - Complete Tutorials List

Full tutorial list for UDK (Unreal Development Kit)

Complete UDK tutorial list covering the entire process from basics, to 3d modeling, texturing, material creation, kismet and gameplay integration of your game environment or level design.

UDK Tutorial List:

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Full Tutorial Guides

UDK The Foundation

Go from complete beginner to intermediate user with UDK in less than 8 hours.

UDK How to Guide to Landscape Creation

Full guide on how to create landscapes with UDK.

The Essential Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with UDK

130+ page guide, featuring over 150+ techniques, tips and advice on how to get started with UDK.

Paperback: The Essential Beginner's Guide to Getting Started w/UDK

Paperback copy of the guide. 125+ pages, full color, over 150+ techniques and tips to get started with UDK.

UDK 11 Day Level Design

How to create a map in UDK in only 11 days.

Basics/Getting Started

UE3 vs UDK vs UT3

Differences between Unreal Editor 3, UDK and Unreal Tournament 3.

22 Steps to Getting Started with UDK - Updated (in Less Than 30 Minutes)

How to get started with UDK in 22 steps and in under 30 minutes.

Basics Getting Started in 11 Steps Part 1/3

Overview of UDK basics and how to get started in 11 steps part 1/3.

Basics Getting Started in 11 Steps Part 2/3

Overview of UDK basics and how to get started in 11 steps part 2/3.

Basics Getting Started in 11 Steps Part 3/3

Overview of UDK basics and how to get started in 11 steps part 3/3.

New Map Templates Deconstruction

Deconstruction of UDK's map templates. How to to tweak, modify or create your own.

How to Add a Custom Map Template

Setting up custom template and use it as a choice in map's template menu.

Simple Environment Creation Step-by-Step:

BSP Block In - Simple Room/Env Creation Part 1/3

Blocking in our simple room environment and quickly testing in-game.

BSP Workflow - Simple Room/Env Creation Part 2/3

Workflow for using BSP brushes, how to quickly prototype and block in your environments.

Quick Light and In-Game Testing - Simple Room/Env Creation Part 3/3

Covers how to add a test lights and jump inside the level to test.

Using Static Meshes and Workflow

Two videos covering how to use Static Meshes and their workflow for constructing environments.

Applying Materials/Textures and Workflow

How to apply materials/textures to your environment and material application workflow.

How to Add a Skybox

How to quickly add a skybox to your level.

How to Add Lights

How to add lights into your map. Includes natural sunlight and interior artificial lights.

Gameplay Functionality:

How to Add Player Starts, PathNodes, Weapons, Items, Vehicles and JumpPads

How to add all the necessary gameplay elements such as weapons, pick ups, path nodes and other items.

How to Set Up DM and TDM Gametype

Tutorial covers how to set up Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch gametypes.

How to Set Up vCTF Gametype

Tutorial covers how to set up Capture the Flag gametype.

Materials and Textures:

Difference Between Textures and Materials

There is an importance difference between textures and materials in UDK. Find out what they are and how to use them.

Material Editor Beginner Basics

Material Editor is an important element of UDK environment creation. It is where you will create and edit materials that will be used to texture your environment.

How to Import Custom Textures

Import custom textures into UDK in order to use them to create a new material. We'll take a diffuse, a specular and a normal map texture and import them into UDK.

How to Create Your First Material

Learn how to create your very first material using custom textures we imported from previous tutorial.

Material Editor Guide to Practical Examples

Guide to most common practical material editor examples of improving and enhancing your material creation.

Landscape Creation

Landscape Challenge Exercise

Landscape challenge and exercise on how to form your UDK landscapes in less than 30 minutes from a reference photo.

2 Quick Ways to Modify and Form Landscapes

These are 2 quick ways to modify and form your initial landscape without a lot of work. Great way to get a landscape started.

How to Create Landscape Heightmaps with Photoshop Clouds Filter

Generate and import detailed heightmaps with Photoshop Clouds Filter to create your landscape.

Custom Assets, Models, Props:

How to Set Up Grid in Maya to Match UDK

Tutorial covers how to set up your grid in Maya to match UDK. 1 to 1 ratio. So everything you create in Maya will be the same units as in UDK.


18 Important Principles for Creating and Using Lightmaps in UDK (Lightmap Basics and Introduction)

Important and tested principles of creating/using lightmaps in UDK. These principles are the key for making static custom models light/shadow correctly.

Lightmap UV Layout Techniques and How to Create a Second UV Channel in Maya

UV layout techniques and how to create a second UV channel for a lightmap.

How to Fix Light/Shadow Bleeding and Seams

Tutorial focuses on common lightmap error - light/shadow bleeds and seams.

Lightmap Resolution for Static Meshes and BSP

Lightmap resolution for static meshes and bsp defines the quality and how sharp or blurry your cast shadows are across single/multiple objects.

Lightmap Common Problems and Solutions

Common problems, errors you may encounter during lightmap production and how to fix them.

Releasing Your Map/Level/Environment:

How to Take High Resolution Screenshots

Taking high res screenshots of your game environments and level designs for a portfolio orprint.


Intro to Kismet

Covers what Kismet is and how you can apply it to your game designs.

Moving Doors

Moving doors using Matinee will cover basic to more advanced setups of how to open doors in Kismet using triggers and camera actors.

How to Pick Up and Place Item

Learn howto pick up and place items with use triggers and sound.

How to Trigger Material Instances

In this Material Instance tutorial you will learn what are Material Instances are and also how to use it in Kismet.

How to Spawn Bots in Kismet - Part 1

Spawning a Bot in Kismet will cover how to spawn a Bot and allow him to navigate around the level.

How to Add Functionality toBot - Part 2

Once we have our initial Bot set up we will add more functionality to him.

Spawning Bots Final Touches - Part 3

In the final part to the AI setup we will do a bit of house-keeping to keep things organized and give the player some more direction about what to do.

Bools - Puzzle Design and Interaction

Basic understanding of how to use Bools in interesting ways. We've created a setup for a puzzle where we can rotate large wheels into place to get a specific order.

Cinematics Introduction Part 1/2

Part 1 -Cinematics tutorial we will show you how to set up your scene ready for a cinematic along with go into all the Kismet actions and events you may need.

Cinematics Introduction Part 2/2

Part 2 -Cinematics tutorial we will show you how to set up your scene ready for a cinematic along with go into all the Kismet actions and events you may need.

Using Console Commands as Gameplay Elements

We will look at how to use the functionality of console commands in a levels as gameplay elements.

How to Prototype Quick Time Events with Kismet

How to prototype a quick time event setup. Works well for purposes of testing out ideas.

Level Design/Environment Design Workflows:

Level Design Worklfow DM-IcyApex Tutorial

Level design workflow of IcyApex.

11 Day Level Design Process Overview

Process level design workflow day-by-day how to create a map in 11 Days.

UDK 11 Day Level Design Ebooks/Videos

Full 11 day step-by-step process on how to use UDK and create your own playable map in only 11 days.

How to Create a Playable Level in 11 Days

Want to create your own map in 11 days? Follow this workflow process.

Unreal Tournament 3: (Unreal Engine 3 Build)

How to Set Up Grid Spacing In Maya to Match Unreal 3

Learn how to set up grid spacing to match Maya and Unreal Tournament 3 editor.

Install Unreal 3 ActorX Import PlugIn for Maya

Install ActorX plug-in for Maya.

How to Import from Maya into Unreal 3

Learn how to import from Maya to Unreal Tournament 3.

How to Insert Simple Particle Effects in Unreal 3

Learn how to insert simple particle effects in Unreal Tournament 3.

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