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Unreal Engine 4 - Tutorials List

Full tutorial list for UE4 (Unreal Engine 4)

Complete Unreal Engine 4 tutorials list, specifically for level designers and game environment artist.

Tutorial Topics:

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Premium Tutorial Guides

UE4 Fundamentals

Essential beginner's guide to getting started with UE4. Video tutorial series featuring 42 videos and 7 hours worth of tutorials.

UE4 The Corridor Project

"UE4 The Corridor Project" is a step-by-step workflow on how to construct a game environment in 10 hours with Unreal Engine 4. Includes project files (modular Corridor assets).

UE4 How to Create Custom Decals

Learn how to create custom decals for your level designs and game environments with Unreal Engine 4.

UE4 Custom Static Mesh Formula

Step-by-step tutorial to creating, exporting and importing custom Static Meshes for game environment art using Maya LT/Maya, Photoshop for Unreal Engine 4.

Workflows: Game Assets and Props

A set of workflows for variety of game environment assets and props. Includes video tutorials, PDF guides and project files.

UE4 Beginner's Crash Course (Free)

Free, 150 page PDF guide that covers the beginner steps of how to get started and how to learn Unreal Engine 4. Features 80 tips, techniques and insight.


UE4: Spotlight - 15 Submitted Artworks From "UE4 The Corridor Project"

See completed artwork submitted to WoLD from artists who have gone through the "The Corridor Project" premium tutorial series.

Workflows (Environment Design/Level Design/Props/Assets)

UE4: How I Created "The Corridor" Environment in 10 Hours

Full overview workflow of how The Corridor environment was constructed in 10 hours.

Workflow: Creating Low-Poly Game Prop "File Cabinet" with Maya LT/Maya and UE4

Workflow to creating low-poly game prop, "File Cabinet".

Workflow: Creating "Doric Column/Pillar" Game Asset with Maya LT/Maya, Quixel and UE4

Workflow to creating game asset, "Doric Column/Pillar".

Basics/Getting Started

UE4: How to Download and Install Unreal Engine 4

How to get UE4? Learn how to download and install Urneal Engine 4 on your computer, following these 6 simple steps.

UE4: 27 Step Crash Course to Getting Started w/Unreal Engine 4

If you have never used UE4, this video should be the first thing you watch. The essentials to getting started as quickly as possible; a broad overview of "where and how to begin".

UE4: 16 Principles - How to Start Learning Unreal Engine 4

If you have never used UE4, this video should be the first thing you watch. The essentials to getting started as quickly as possible; a broad overview of "where and how to begin".

UE4: Beginner's Step-by-Step to Creating Your First Level

Step-by-step tutorial on how to create you very first playable level.

Scale & World Architecture Dimensions

UE4: Guide to Player Scale and World/Architecture Dimensions

Guide to player scale and world architecture dimensions in order to build your game environments to correct proportions.

UE4: Use This Skeletal Mesh Reference to Judge Scale and Proportion

Instead of using a box for scale reference, use these skeletal meshes instead to judge scale and build your level to proportion.

Project Management

My System for Setting Up Game Environment Projects

In order to keep all files organized between different software you need a system to organize your project files. Here is what I use and how I set everything up.

UE4: How to Create, Start & Open Your First New Project

How do you open/launch Unreal Engine 4 editor? You need to create and open a new project. Find out how to do it.

UE4: Create Projects From Downloaded Examples, Samples & Marketplace

Learn how to create projects from downloaded file examples, samples and marketplace content. Also how to place bought and downloaded assets into your project.

UE4: How to Change/Move Project Folder to New Location Directory

Find out how to move a project folder to another location on your computer and have Unreal Engine Launcher find that project.

UE4: How to Rename Your Project

If you ever need to rename your project to another name, this tutorial will show you how to do that.

UE4: Convert/Update Projects to a New Unreal Engine Version

Learn how to convert or update your projects created in older engine version to new upated Unreal Engine 4 version.


UE4: How to Create Your First Decal Material

Tutorial covering how to create your very first decal material.

UE4: How to Insert, Apply and Use Decals Inside Your Level

Learn how to insert, apply and use decals. Tutorial covers moving, rotating, scaling and positioning decals as well as decal sort order and receiving decal property option.

Modeling - Static Meshes (Game Environment Assets/Props):

MASSIVE 29-Step Quick Start Guide to Creating Custom Game Environment Assets for Unreal Engine 4

Massive quick-start guide to creating, exporting and importing Static Meshes for game environment Art.

UE4/Maya LT/Maya: How to Set Up Grid in Maya to Match UE4

Tutorial covers how to set up your grid in Maya or Maya LT to match Unreal Engine 4. 1 to 1 ratio. So everything you create in Maya will be the same units as in UE4.

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