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CS:GO SDK Creating Standard Bomb Site Zones For Defuse Map

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March 28, 2013
Full Text Tutorial and Notes:

In this tutorial we will set up a standard bomb site zones for a defuse map. We will also define the bomb site zones with visual cues using overlays.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create bomb site zones
  • How to set up Site A and B
  • Using overlays to help the player know where to go for rescue zone


To set up bomb site zones you will need two brushes to define the planting zone. They will be tied to an entity called:

  • func_bomb_target

Before creating the brush, set trigger texture first, using Texture Browser.

Create a brush that will function as theplanting bomb zone.

If you didn't set the trigger texture, just apply it to every face of the brush after you created that brush.

Now tie this brush to an entity. Select the brush: Go up to Tools --> Tie to entity or press Ctr+T = tie to entity

Choose func_bomb_target from the drop down menu. Click Apply.

Select 'Name' in Property Name and name it 'Bombsite A'.

Duplicate the bomb site zone brush to another area. This is going to be your second planting zone.

Go to Object Properties for the duplicated brush and rename it to 'Bombsite B'.

If you compile and run your map now, these two areas will function as bomb zones and when the player enter these areas, they would be able to plant the bomb.


We now need some sort of visual identification for the rescue area. The player has no way of knowing where the planting zones are, other than a large A and B on radar.

We will use info_overlays to define the area visually so it is easier to recognize.

Enable Apply Overlays (Shift+O)

Click Browse to look for specific overlays.

Filter by typing in 'bomb'.

You will see multiple overlays you can use. Double click the one you want to use to set it.

Left click in perspective viewport on any bsp brush surface to apply the overlay.


Now all you need to do is compile and test it in-game. Launch your map, choose T side and plant the bomb.

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