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L4D: Creating Breakable Walls

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July 14, 2009

Left 4 Dead video tutorial shows you how to create breakable walls in Hammer Source.

L4D Mapping: Creating Breakable Walls - Video Tutorial


1. Creating breakable wall in Left 4 Dead requires two things.

One: prop_static that is a model of a broken through wall

Two: a brush tied to an entity as func_breakable

2. Position the prop_static breakwall inside a brush to hide it.

3. Turn a brush into a func_breakable by pressing Ctrl+T and assign func_breakable.

In the properites set it the material property and breakable by (infected, tank, everyone)

4. Create infodecal to add variety to the broken wall.

5. Infodecal Properties:

Name: breakwall_decal
Texture: overlay/brakewall

6. Duplicate the infodecal to the other side of the func_breakable entity and change the texture to overlay/brokenwall_mirror

My Output Named: OnBreakder func_breakable properties set the following Outputs:

Output: Add

My Output Named: OnBreak
Target Entity Named: breakwall_decal
Via this Output: Activate

7. Position the infodecals to line up the outside of the walls that line up func_breakable

8. In game test. Point at the wall and type: ent_fire !picker break

9. Rebuild the nav_meshes and spend some time to blend the wall into the environment properly.

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