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L4D: How to Create Survival Gametype Part 1

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August 11, 2009

Left 4 Dead video tutorial shows you how to create a survival gametype.

Setting up all the necessary entities and in part 2, I cover nav_meshes for survival map.


1. Name your map as l4d_sv_yournamemap. Save it.

2. Insert the following entities.




name: director

3. Duplicate info_survivor_position 3 more times. You should have 4 total.

4. Double click on info survivor position and name your survivors accordingly. Such as Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis.

5. Insert a prop_static to act as a button. In our case it will be a radio.

Under world model in prop_static window find hamradio.mdl by typing into the filter option.

6. Create a brush with nodraw texture over the radio.

Select the brush and press CNTRL+T to tie it into an entity.

Select func_button as the entity class.

7. Double click on the new func_button and go to output tabs.

Output: Add

My Output Named: onPressed
Target Entity Named: director
Via this Output: Panic Event

Fire Once Only: Checked

7. Create two more entities.

1. point_servercommand

name: survival

2. logic_auto

Output: Add

My Output Named: onMapSpawn
Target Entity Named: survival
Via this Output: command

With a parameter override: mp_gamemode survival

8. Name your map as l4d_sv_yournamemap. Save it.

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