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L4D: How to Create Survival Gametype Part 2

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August 11, 2009

Left 4 Dead video tutorial shows you how to create a survival gametype.

Check out part 1 to get started.


1. After creating all the entities that we need in Part 1 of the tutorial. We now need to create nav_meshes for our survival map.

2. Setting up nav_meshes is similar as in my previous tutorial, but with a few extra exceptions.

4. Set nav meshes up through console as follows:

nav_edit 1: turns on navigational editing

director_stop: stops the director from spawning infected

nb_delete_all: removes the survivors and all the infected from your map

z_debug 1: shows you what attributes are set for each nav_mesh



nav_flood_select: selects all


nav_flood_select: selects all again


We now need to mark a Player_Start and BattleStation.

nav_toggle_in_selected_set: select a set that your mouse is pointing at and where you want a Player Start to be.


Battlestation creates an area where the bots know where they should be to defend themselves against the infected. You want to select specific areas for Battlestations according to your map's design.

nav_toggle_in_selected_set: select a set that you you want BattleStations to be.


5. Last step is:


6. Next is turn off all the nav_mesh commands

nav_edit 0: turns off navigational editing

z_debug 0

director_start: forces the director to spawn infected

7. Test your button and see if your map begins in survival mode.

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