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L4D: Overlays vs Decals

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August 19, 2009

Left 4 Dead: Overlays vs Decals

Overlays vs Decals. Which one to use? When? What are the strengths and benefits of each?

Using and applying overlays and decals in L4D hammer.

Main notable differences between Overlays and Decals in Hammer are:

  • Both decals and overlays can be used on brushes.
  • Overlays can be used on displacement, decals cannot.
  • Overlays can be rotated, resized and sheared. Decals cannot.
  • Decals are almost identical to overlays, just not as flexible.
  • Overlays automatically conform to the surface they are placed on.
  • In texture browser, filter decals. Both info decals and info overlays can use decals textures.
  • 90% of Valve's L4D maps were rendered using overlays over decals.

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