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L4D: Texturing Basics

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May 22, 2009

Overview and texture basics. Texturing our two rooms.


1. Texture Application tool

l4d mapping, l4d map tutorials

2. Face Edit Sheet pops up

Most functions are self explanatory. Just select the face of the brush you want to edit and Scale, Shift, Rotate accordingly. It will update in the viewport.

l4d mapping, l4d map tutorials

3. Clicking on Browse allows you to select and browse L4D textures.

l4d mapping, l4d map tutorials

You can filter different textures by typing in what you looking for, acts like a search function.

Size allows you to have more or less textures in the browser window.

Only used textures is a handy tool when you need to select the textures you already have applied before.

4. Applying textures is simple:

Open Face edit sheet

Select the texture you want in the browser

Right Mouse Button on the surface to apply.

While having Face Edit sheet open, Left Mouse Button on the surface to grab a texture from that surface, then Right Mouse Button to apply to a new surface.

Pressing Shift + Right Mouse Button will apply that texture to all the faces on the brush.

5. Texture Shortcuts: Must have Face Edit Sheet Open

Right Mouse Button: Apply Texture

Left Mouse Button: Select Texture

Shift + Right Mouse Button: Apply Texture to All Brush Face

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