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11-Day Level Design - 'Winter' Winner/RunnerUps

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February 09, 2010

11-Day Level Design - 'Winter' Winner/RunnerUps

After a week worth of playing, talking, testing and debating Smog, Nexusdog and me (AlexG) have finally decided on the winner of the contest and the 2 runner ups.

It was a hard decision to make.

Me, Nexusdog and Smog want to ...

Congratulate the Winner Oilcake for taking the top honors.

As well as both Runner Ups, Shepard and Severance.

PDF process ebooks were created of the process work from the thread that each one of them kept up. You can find the download link at the end of this blog post.

Feel free to download the pdf, share, use and do whatever you may want with it.

Nexusdog came up with the best notes for the map's Winner and both Runner Ups. Me and Smog couldn't agree more.

WINNER: Oilcake 'Escape from Parkdale'

WINNER: Oilcake 'Escape from Parkdale'

Extensive use of displacements for snow which abounds throughout map, theme thoroughly evident!

The scale is good, a decent balance between exterior and building interiors. The setting is spot on, though I want something like a store to provide just a little more variety. Sense of abandonment and being alone really kicked in for me.

Running through the map, it looks like it will provide a good balance of play.

Lighting is sympathetic, really nice outdoor feel.

Texturing looked spot on and felt real.

RUNNER UP: Shepard_203 'Abandoned Depot'

RUNNER UP: Shepard_203 'Abandoned Depot'

Beautiful to look at, no other way to describe it. Snow, snow effects, ice effects... the lot.

Lots of detail, good sympathetic feel, great ambiance.

Lighting provided by ambient daylight, giving an early morning feel.

RUNNER UP: Severance 'Koth_Cliffside'

RUNNER UP: Severance 'Koth_Cliffside'

Captures the winter theme brilliantly.

The detailing is exceptional.

Mirrored map, so balance evident, good variety in 3D space makes for some fun matches.

Lighting was spot on, fits the theme really well.

Texturing was spot on, well conceived and fit the setting really nicely.

Download the 11 Day Level Design Challenge Process work ebooks. All 3 ebooks are zipped and are in PDF format. Click here to download.

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