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Day 5: Unreal 3 11-Day Mapping Challenge

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December 25, 2008



Day 5. Christmas day. I hope everyone is having an awesome day.

I woke up at 6:30am and had to get moving fast. I needed to get my texturing done for the day because later it is family time. So my goal was to get all texturing for terrain done and fix up anything else that I felt like I needed to fix.

Well after adding a few layers in the terrain editor I was greeted with Unreal’s Christmas present.

Terrain of Christmas

After a bit of searching I found out that the reason you get a rainbow colored terrain is, I have to many layers and those layers have too much and too complex of instructions going.

So my plan of having 5—7 layers was shot. I didn’t have the time to go and fix textures.

I had to keep moving forward so I made some sacrifices. I stuck with the fewer layers.

Texture Day

Terrain Texture Blending

Terrain Blending

Here is my slow progress on texturing terrain. Making pathways and blending textures. This took me quiet a while.

Terrain Blending and Texturing

Terrain Blending

Here is some of my uvs for the lighthouse.


At the end of the day I added 2 height fogs. One for the water and the other for visibility. The texture is very noticeable tiling. But the player will never be this far to see it and right now I am greeted with rainbow terrain if I try to do any texture layer editing.

Beginning adding atmosphere. At this stage I am beginning to really like how this looks.

Foggy day on Christmas

Things to do tomorrow:

Texture the uved lighthouse and make sure be done with textures. Getting ready for 2 days of lighting.

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