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Quantum Of Solace Video Game Level Design

Category: Level Design
October 04, 2008

Short video featuring level designer Brian Douglass from Quantum of Solace.

Video has been removed by original owner

Notes from the video:

  • First stages of level design don't exist on the computer. You do it on paper, you do it in discussion, you get a basic concept to work with.
  • From your concept you decide how can you make this fun.
  • Outline it. Draw it. Very basic. Deciding how it will work with the gameplay for your game.
  • Reference. Pay attention to reference.
  • Next is laying down basic blocks. Constantly moving things around and redesigning. Keep it simple.
  • After gameplay is established you start with details. Detailing the buildings, adding props, etc. Making the world come to life.
  • Concentrate on immersion. Immersing the player and providing experience.

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