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Coming Soon - New 9 Hours of Tutorials and New 148-page PDF Guide (Updated)

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September 02, 2016

Update: "Maya LT/Maya Primer: Quick Start Guide" and "3D Game Environment Modeling Foundation with Maya LT/Maya" are now out.

It is all set and ready to go.

Next week is going to be huge. I am releasing hours of tutorial content.

What is this tutorial release about?

Finally be able to learn 3d game environment modeling and UVing as a complete beginner specifically for game environment artist using game industry standard software Maya LT/Maya - without any prior 3d experience or knowledge of the software.

Many struggle to learn 3d software. Especially, learning 3d software specifically for 3d game environment modeling and UVing.

This is a big problem.

If you want to create your own custom game environments you have to use 3d software. You have to approach modeling and UVing in a specific way. There are particular methods, principles and techniques you have to follow in order to create game environments ready assets/props.

Maya LT/Maya is a very complex piece of software. To learn Maya LT/Maya or any other 3d modeling software you have to approach learning it as a specialist and not as a generalist.

With this upcoming tutorial series you will finally be able to learn Maya LT/Maya and begin modeling/UVing game environments.

As with every premium tutorial series I release, I'll be give away a lot of content and resources to go along with it.

Here is what you can expect:

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Full Tutorial Series: 3D Game Environment Modeling Foundation with Maya LT™/Maya®

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