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Everything is $25 - All Premium Tutorial Guides are On Sale (Updated)

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April 23, 2015 (Updated: April 27, 2015)

UPDATED: The $25 sale is now over.

It has been a while since I ran a website sale for all premium tutorial guides.

I want everyone to experience and learn from these guides, so for next 5 days I am offering everything in the store/product section for just a fraction of the original price.

Starting today, everything in the store/product section of World of Level Design is only $25.

Each premium tutorial guide is complete from beginning to end for a specific aspect of level design and game environment art creation. It is the quickest way to learn about a topic in one place.

All guides are digital downloads and feature a set of videos anywhere from 2+ hours all the way to 7+ hours and with various size ebook pdf guides. You also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

So, here is what you can download today for only $25.

Preproduction Blueprint

The best-selling guide on World of Level Design. This tutorial guide developed from years of failing at level design and game environment art, until I had to figure out why.

I can’t recommend Preproduction Blueprint enough. If you thinking about purchasing any guides from this list and can only buy one, make it Preproduction Blueprint.

This series includes 18 videos with over 2 hours of tutorial content with an extensive 235 page ebook on how to plan your level design and game environment projects to detail.

Get Preproduction Blueprint here...

UDK The Foundation

Full video series on how to get started, work and construct game environments in UDK. This is the ultimate UDK guide for beginners. The tutorial series will take you from complete beginner to an experienced UDK user in just under 8 hours.

UDK The Foundation includes 43 Videos with 7+ hours of tutorial content and 2 Bonus PDFs "The Essential Guide to Getting Started with UDK" and UDK Shortcuts.

You will learn UDK and construct a game environment with default assets, like this:

Get UDK The Foundation here...

UDK Guide to Landscape Creation

How to guide to using UDK’s landscape system. You will learn and design your own landscape terrains in UDK.

This video series includes 17 Videos with over 2+ hours of tutorials. Also contains additional 4 bonus videos and a Landscape Chart.

Get UDK Landscape Guide here...

UDK Bundle

Get both, UDK The Foundation and UDK Guide to Landscape Creation which feature over 9+ hours of tutorials.

You will learn UDK and be able to construct a game environment with nothing else but UDK and these guides. Nothing else is needed.

You can get both as a bundle here...

Each premium tutorial guide was individually crafted and designed to maximize what you get out of it. So, I want to make sure you are satisfied with the product, which is why all guides are no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the quality and the tutorial content, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Download any of the premium tutorial guides today before the sale ends on Monday, April 27th.

Updated & Revised - Preproduction Blueprint: How to Plan Your Game Environments and Level Designs

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