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UE4: How to Convert/Update Projects to a New Unreal Engine Version

Category: Unreal Engine 4
June 23, 2015

With every new Unreal Engine 4 version update, we get new features, improvements and fixes.

For a few of my projects I decided it is time to update to the latest UE4 engine version.

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert/update an older project that was created in the previous version of UE4 to the latest version of UE4.

For example, you have a project started and worked on in 4.5 but want to update this project to use 4.8.

All options below will work with Blueprint projects. I haven't tested these options with C++ code. If you have updated to a new version while using C++, please let me know with a how-to description and I will add it to this tutorial with credit to you.

So here are few ways to update your current project to a new Unreal Engine version.

Option #1:

Launch the latest UE4 version by clicking "Launch Unreal Engine # Version" icon at the top left:

This will open Unreal Project Browser. Under the Projects tab you will see all of your projects. Projects that do not match the UE4 version you have opened will be grayed out:

Select the project you want to update and click Open. You can also double click the thumbnail to open.

This will open a Convert menu. Select "Open a Copy":

This will convert the project to a new UE4 version and leave a copy behind of the old version. This is the best option to use; since it leaves a back-up just in case something goes wrong during conversion or your project doesn't work as intended in the new UE4 version.

You can also click "More Options" and choose "Convert In Place", but this will not create a copy behind to revert back to:

Best and most recommended option is to choose "Open a Copy".

Click OK and Unreal Engine will convert the project a new updated engine version and launch the editor. Once you know everything works, you can delete the old project folder.

Option #2:

Go to Project location where you project is being stored by right-clicking the thumbnail and choose "Show in Folder":

Right click on .uproject file and choose "Switch Unreal Engine Version":

Use drop down menu and choose Unreal Engine Version to convert to:

It is not recommended to ever downgrade a project to an older UE4 version. Always upgrade to a new version. Using this option will convert a project in-place. It does not leave a copy behind in-case you need it if something goes wrong.

I have used this option couple of times but I wouldn't recommend it for important projects.

Option #3:

The last option can be used if you already have a project opened. This project should be the latest Unreal Engine version you want to convert the project to.

In the editor, go to File > Open Project:

This will launch Unreal Project Browser.

You will see all of your projects, old and current. Choose the project you want to update. You can double click the thumbnail or select thumbnail and click open:

Select "Open a Copy":

This will convert the project to a new UE4 version and leave a copy behind of the old version as back-up.

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