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Install UT 3 ActorX Import PlugIn for Maya

Category: Unreal Tournament 3
April 16, 2009

Actor X is a tool, a plug in for Unreal Engine to import models and animations from a 3d package to Unreal. In this case, from Maya to Unreal.

Its very simple to install and use.

First head over to UDN website and download your plug in. Depending what Maya version you use and what bit Windows you are running.

After unzipping folder you should have a single file, ActorXTool.mll

Navigate to your Maya folder and find plug-ins directory. If it doesn't exist just create a new folder called plug-ins.

Plug In Folder in maya

Place ActorXTool.mll inside the plug-ins folder.


Next we want to open Maya and turn ActorX on through Plug-in Manager.

Window --> Setting/Preferences --> Plug-in Manager

Window --> Setting/Preferences --> Plug-in Manager

Check ActorXTool.mll, Loaded and Auto load.

Check ActorXTool.mll, Loaded and Auto load.

Next, open up your script editor and type in axmesh; then press Control + Enter.

Maya Script Editor

After you execute the command, this window should pop up.

When exporting your geometry pay attention to these. I have the following checked on.

Unreal Tech Actor X

Our last step is to place a quick execute command on our shelf. That way we don't have to execute our script through script editor every time.

Open up the script editor and on the upper part it shows you the commands that have been executed previously.

Find our axmesh; and highlight it. Then, MiddleMouseButton Click and Drag onto our shelf.


We now have axmesh; command on our shelf.

Custom Shelf

That is it for installing ActorX plug-in. Now, begin exporting your models.

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