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Tutorials to Becoming the Best Level Designer and Game Environment Artist (since 2008)

About World of Level Design

On World of Level Design you will find tutorials to help you become the best level designer and game environment artist.

I started World of Level Design in October 2008 during my senior year as I was studying computer animation at Ringling College of Art and Design. In school, I quickly discovered that I didn't like to animate and in fact, I never wanted to animate anything again in my life. My love and passion has always been for creating level designs and game environments. I decided to stick it out anyway for 4 years and in 2009 I graduated from Ringling College with B.F.A. in Computer Animation.

World of Level Design was a way for me to still practice and work on level design and game environment art, while sharing everything I am working on, what I am learning and how I did it.

Now 10+ years later, I am still here and still doing what I love to do - creating and sharing my level design and game environment knowledge.

I am still as passionate about level design and game environment art as I was in 1999 when I first discovered WorldCraft Editor 2.0 that shipped with original Half-Life.

WorldCraft 2.0 from Half-Life

On World of Level Design you will find a collection of tutorials for level designers and environment artists. Tutorials are aimed to help you with all aspects of starting, working on and finishing your own level designs and 2d/3d environments. Specifically on how to become the best level designer and game environment artist to create the work you imagine in your mind.

My name is Alex Galuzin and I created World of Level Design for you. Enjoy your stay. Read, watch, learn and become truly the best level designer and game environment artist you can be.



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