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Miami Corner Store - Part 1/3: Preproduction and Blockout (Free Maya/UE4 Course)

Category: Maya, UE4
July 13, 2023

"Miami Corner Store" was going to be a full step-by-step tutorial course to creating a building environment set in Miami using Maya and UE4. Unfortunately it never got finished. Out of 7 modules, I completed 3. I’ve decided to release the completed videos to you for free.

Let's get to Part 1/3: Blockout.

First part of creating any environment is the Blockout.

Blockout (also known as gray box or block in) is a process where you use primitive geometric shapes (cubes, spheres, cylinders, planes etc.) to block-out a rough but functional version of your level without any adding any details or polished art assets.

We'll start inside UE4 and use BSP brushes to block out the environment. Then we'll export these BSP brushes as an FBX model out UE4 into Maya for modeling.

Full 3-Part Miami Corner Store Tutorial Series:

What You Will Learn in Module 1 (9 videos, 1 hour 28 min):

  • Preproduction and planning of the building
  • UE4 project setup and level setup
  • BSP Blockout of the building
  • Setting up Maya project
  • Exporting BSP brushes from UE4
  • Importing BSP brushes into UE4

Video 1.1: Preproduction

We'll go through planning and preproduction of what will be created. This is done through sketches, concept art and photo references.

Video 1.2: Main Folder Setup

Creating the project folder to keep of all of the related files organized.

Video 1.3: UE4 Project Setup

Creating the project for UE4.

Video 1.4: UE4 Level Setup

Setting up the initial map/level where the environment will be created in.

Video 1.5: UE4 BSP Blockout Part 1 (Major Shapes)

Blocking out the major shape of the building with BSP brushes.

Video 1.5: UE4 BSP Blockout Part 2 (Details)

Adding blockout details to the building using BSP brushes.

Video 1.6: Maya Project Setup

Setting up the project folder for Maya and all of its files.

Video 1.7: Exporting BSP out of UE4 as FBX

Learn how to export BSP block out as an FBX.

Video 1.8: Importing FBX into Maya

Learn how to import the FBX you exported from UE4.

Full 3-Part Miami Corner Store Tutorial Series:

UE5 Fundamentals Vol.1 Tutorial Course

In this first module of "Miami Corner Store" we used UE4. However Unreal Engine is now in version 5.

You can start learning UE5 as a complete beginner and the tools you need to create your own environments in this "UE5: Fundamentals Vol.1" tutorial course.

If you are using UE4, I do have "UE4: Fundamentals Vol.1" tutorial course covering how to use the previous version of the engine.


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