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Modeling Interior Environment Using Maya Part 1/3

Category: 3D Modeling: Maya
April 05, 2009

In this first part of three series Modeling Interior Environments using Create breathtaking 3D and meet production demands with Maya, I cover the following:

  • Fundamental principles of how I plan the project
  • Setting deadlines and planning your work on day by day basis
  • Importance of deadlines and why you should set them
  • Reference and Research
  • What you would want to learn when working on a new project you set for yourself

Part 1: Planning, Reference and Research Setting Deadlines New Project Modeling Mindset.
Watch Part 1

PART 2: Setting up the Scene, Scale and Setting up New Project Modeling Walls, Wall Trims, Windows, Curtain and Ceiling.
Watch Part 2

Part 3: Modeling Furniture: Couch, Chairs, Table, Palm Tree, Lamp and Carpet Finishing up and Arranging the scene.
Watch Part 3


Second Part we will begin to set up a new scene in Maya, building a new modeling shelf, setting up a new project and setting proper scale.

Then we will begin to build the walls, windows, ceiling and the overall foundation of the environment.

Updated & Revised - Preproduction Blueprint: How to Plan Your Game Environments and Level Designs

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