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Modeling Interior Environment Using Maya Part 2/3

Category: 3D Modeling: Maya
April 06, 2009

In the next 7 videos we will cover modeling the walls, windows, ceiling and curtains while adding proper detail to our walls. All modeled to scale which we set in the beginning of our project.

Part1: Planning, Reference and Research, Setting Deadlines, New Project Modeling Mindset.
Watch Part 1

Part 2: Setting up the Scene, Scale and Setting up New Project Modeling Walls, Wall Trims, Windows, Curtain and Ceiling.
Watch Part 2

Part 3: Modeling Furniture: Couch, Chairs, Table, Palm Tree, Lamp and Carpet, Finishing up and Arranging the scene.
Watch Part 3

In the videos 2.3 and 2.4 for the window borders I mention this book.

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Historic Architectural Plans, Details and Elements

Great resource.

Part 2.1 - Maya Set Up and Building Walls

This video covers:

- Setting up Maya for Modeling
- Changing Preferences and Scale
- Custom Shelf
- Scale Reference
- Modeling Walls

Part 2.2 - Modeling Windows

This video covers: Modeling Windows.


Part 2.3 - Window Borders

This video covers: Modeling Window Borders.


Part 2.4 - Top Window Border

This video covers: Modeling the top of the window border.

Part 2.5 - Wall Columns

This video covers: Modeling the wall columns to add detail to the walls.


Part 2.6 - Curtain

This video covers: Modeling curtains for our windows and using a simple Lattice modifier.


Part 2.7 - Ceiling

This video covers: Modeling and adding details to our ceiling.


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