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Modeling Interior Environment Using Maya Part 3/3

Category: 3D Modeling: Maya
April 11, 2009

Part 3

Modeling furniture.

In the next 8 videos we will cover modeling the furniture for our interior environment. This includes two chairs, couch, tables, palm tree, carpet and lamp.

Then I finish up by cleaning up the scene and arranging all furniture.

Part 1: Planning, Reference and Research, Setting Deadlines, New Project, Modeling Mindset.
Watch Part 1

Part 2: Setting up the Scene, Scale and Setting up New Project Modeling Walls, Wall Trims, Windows, Curtain and Ceiling.
Watch Part 2

Part 3: Modeling Furniture: Couch, Chairs, Table, Palm Tree, Lamp and Carpet, Finishing up and Arranging the scene.
Watch Part 3

Part 3.1 - Modeling the First Chair

Part 3.2 - Modeling the Table

Part 3.3 - Modeling the Second Chair

Part 3.4 - Arranging the Furniture and Carpet

Part 3.5 - Modeling the Couch and Paint Effects of the Palm Tree

Part 3.6 - Damage Control: Tightening Up

Part 3.7 - Modeling the Leg Rest and Lamp

Part 3.8 - Finishing Up

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