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Game Worlds List

A series focused on providing you with ideas, inspiration and game screenshot references

Game Worlds:

Game World of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike series has been going strong for 10+ years. Latest version of CS: GO is out. Many original maps make a comeback as well as few new ones. (280+ screenshots)

Game World of Max Payne 3

World of Max Payne 3 includes variety of locations. From luxurious apartments and clubs to slums of Brazil it has a bit of everything. Each environment is detailed and tells a story. (350+ screenshots)

Game World of Dear Esther

Dear Esther isn't much of a game but more of a narrative that you experience. The world in Dear Esther is a must see and was created using Valve Source Engine.

Game World of Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a third person narrative story that focuses on light vs dark. Interesting gameplay and location combined with engaging theme.

Game World of Fable 2

World of Fable 2. Beautiful scenery, day and night cycle, vivid colors and architecture makes Fable 2 style stand out as a game environment.