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CS:GO SDK Creating Advanced Bomb Site Zones to Trigger Fire and Dust

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March 29, 2013
Full Text Tutorial and Notes:

In this tutorial we'll take the standard bombsite zones we created in last tutorial and add visual and functional entities. We'll add environment fire and dust cloud to trigger when the bomb goes off. This will make the explosion a lot more interesting.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to set up triggerable entities such as fire and dust clouds
  • How to make these entities go off when bomb explodes
  • How to use the input/output system for entities


We will use two environment entities to trigger.

  • env_fire
  • dust_cloud

First lets set up a dust cloud. To create a dust cloud we'll need a bsp brush tied to an entity. Same way we tied buy zones, hostage rescue zones and bomb zones.

Before creating the brush, set trigger texture first, using Texture Browser.

Create a brush that will function as the area where you wantdust cloud to appear caused by the explosion. Make it a lot larger then the bomb site and make it cover the entire site.

If you didn't set the trigger texture, just apply it to every face of the brush after you created that brush.

Now tie this brush to an entity. Select the brush: Go up to Tools --> Tie to entity or press Ctr+T = tie to entity

Choose func_dustcloud from the drop down menu. Click Apply.

Select 'Name' in Property Name and name it 'dustcloud_b'. Name it anything you want. Setting the name is important for when we set up triggers.

Start Disabled: Yes
Set Particle Color for the dust
Set Alpha
Set Minimum and Maximum Particle Size

You'll have to tweak these values once you test it in-game.

Now lets insert environment fire. Enable the Entity Tool, and use the drop down menu to select 'env_fire' entity.

Place the environment fire entity near the bombsite.

I also inserted a prop and placed the env_fire inside this prop. I want the fire to come from somewhere, and not spawn from empty air.

Select 'Name' in Property Name and name it 'fire_b', or name it anything you want. Set size to something like 256.


Once we have all entities set up, we need to trigger them using the input/output system in Source.

Double click on func_bomb_target where you placed dust cloud and env fire.

Click over to Outputs tab at the top of Object Properties.

Click on Add to insert your first entry. Use the drop down menu to set different functions for your entities.

My output named: BombExplode
Target entities named: dustcloud_b
Via this input: TurnOn

Click on Add to insert your second entry. Use the drop down menu to set different functions for your entities.

My output named: BombExplode
Target entities named: fire_b
Via this input: StartFire


Now all you need to do is compile and test it in-game. Launch your map, choose T side and plant the bomb. See how it looks with the dust and fire. You may need to weak properties of env_fire and func_dustcloud.

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