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CS:GO Prop Statics Are Black, Don't Light Properly [Solved] - WildfireUpdate

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March 01, 2016
Full Text Tutorial and Notes:

Due to recent Wildfire update and improvements to lighting in Source, if you Run Map on Normal with Run VIS and Run RAD set to Normal/Fast options - your props will render black:

Even if you switch to Expert and use Fast under Configurations, same problem will persist - all prop_statics will render black:

In fact, the only option that will work is "Full compile HDR or LDR" and "Full Compile –both –final (slow!):

But these are not good options to use due to long compile times. They are meant for when you are finishing up your level - not when you are blocking-in BSP, play-testing and working on your map.

This issue is very likely to be fixed in the near future. But in the meantime what do you do when you want to run your map on Fast compile options?  Here is a fix.

The Fix

Click on Run Map:

Switch from Normal to Expert Compile mode:

Under Configurations drop-down menu choose Fast and select $light_exe:

In Parameters field enter the following text -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropSampleScale 0.25 right before already existing text:

Make sure to include space after each command and before/after 0.25.

Click Go!

You will now be able to Run Map using Expert Fast option and have all of your prop_statics rendered correctly:

Full Parameter Text for $Light_Exe

If you happen to delete the text under Parameters here it is:

  • -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropSampleScale 0.25 -bounce 2 -noextra -game $gamedir $path\$file

Run in Windowed Mode

If CS:GO compiles and runs your map in full mode but you want it to run in windowed mode do the following.

With Fast Configurations still chosen, select $game_exe:

In Parameters field add the following right before already existing commands: -sw -w 1280 -h 720. Again, it is important to insert a space after each entry:

-w is width and -h is height. Enter any value you want.

Here are the full parameter commands I use: -sw -w 1280 -h 720 +sv_cheats 1 +sv_lan 1

Don't Change Prop_Static to Prop_Dynamic

Some have changed prop_statics to prop_dynamic or prop_dynamic override. This does work without any additional changes to compiling options. But you should NOT do this. This is bad practice and will increase performance of your map. Prop statics are cheaper to render than prop dynamics.

Black Custom Props

If you have custom props and you still get unlit models without any materials then this error is caused by incorrect file paths for materials and compiling of those props. You must check that you compiled your props correctly and all files were in their correct file directory.

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