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L4D: Create a Panic Event

Category: Source: L4D 1 & 2
July 20, 2009

Left 4 Dead video tutorial shows you how to create a panic event and force a horde to your location. I set up a sequence of when I open the door, an alarm goes off and that sends a horde of infected our way.


1. We want to open the door and have an alarm sound that will send a panic event, a horde of infected our way. Place info_director into your map and name director

2. Insert ambient_generic entity and name: dooralarm1. Under properties, click on Browse and find an alarm that fits your door.

4. Double click on the door and go into properties. Name your door, door1

5. In the door properties under Output Tab, we will set up 2 output properties.


My Output Named: OnOpen
Target Entity Named: dooralarm1
Via this Output: PlaySound


My Output Named: OnOpen
Target Entity Named: director
Via this Output: PanicEvent

6. Place logic_timer entity and name it. I named mine logictimer1

Set Outputs for logic_timer as below:

My Output Named: OnTimer
Target Entity Named: dooralarm1
Via this Output: StopSound
Delay in Seconds: 10

7. Compile and test


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