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L4D: Navigational Meshes Advanced

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June 18, 2009

Now we cover a bit more advanced use of navigation meshes in Left 4 Dead. It includes ladders, marking EMPTY, NO_MOBS, OBSCURED, connecting between two navigation meshes, manually drawing navigation mesh and binding keys to speed up the workflow in Left 4 Dead.

Navigational Meshes Console commands:

nav_build_ladder: builds navigation for the ladder

mark EMPTY: doesn't allow for infected to spawn on these marked areas at first, but they can spawn on them later. Good for player_start areas and furniture.

mark NO_MOBS: doesn't allow for infected to spawn on these marked areas at all. Good for cliffs and areas not designed for gameplay.

mark OBSCURED: hidden marked areas for infected to spawn from. Good for VS maps and to spawn the herd from.

nav_connect: connects between two or more navigational areas. The areas have to be selected for them to be connected.

Connect 2-Way: select both nav meshes and and nav_connect

Connect 1-Way: select the first nav mesh and point to 2nd one but do not select it, nav_connect

nav_split: splits a navigational area into 2 areas.

z_debug 1: allows you to view attributes

nav_begin_area: begins custom drawing of navigation mesh

nav_end_area: ends custom drawing of navigation mesh

bind PGUP "nav_toggle_in_selected: example of setting up and binding a key to a nav function.

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