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"10-Year-Old Brother" Challenge Work in Progress

Category: Level Design/Game Environment Challenges
October 14, 2011

UPDATE: November 02, 2011 Final Work and Winners

10 Year Old Brother Game Environment Challenge is on its way. We have reached a halfway point of the challenge.

With 11 days to go starting on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 there is still plenty of time. If you have been thinking about entering you still have plenty of time. 11 Days is enough to start and finish a game environment of this scale. You can follow 11 Day Level Design guidelines here and here.

Read the criteria and enter your own work.

Here are some of the wip so far.


Aldighieri (wip thread)

Aldighieri WIP

Alle88 (wip thread)

Alle88 WIP

Duruk (wip thread)

Duruk WIP

ikomnen (wip thread)

ikomnen WIP

Jason H (wip thread)

JasonH WIP

Moutrave (wip thread)

Moutrave WIP

SkaSteve (wip thread)

SkaSteve WIP

WarrenM (wip thread)

WarrenM WIP

Join and enter 10 Year Old Brother Challenge.

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