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11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter

Category: Challenges
January 01, 2010

It is 2010.

The year that will define you as a level designer and game environment artist. With the help of World of Level Design and WoLD Community.

Today WoLD kicks off the infamous 11-Day Level Design Contest.

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter

Contest Guidelines/Rules:

Contest Theme:

Winter, Snow, Christmas, New Year

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter


You have 11-Days to design a playable level.

Deadline is Jan. 31, 2010. The final day we'd accept entries

Contest runs from Jan. 01, 2010 - Jan. 31, 2010

What To Do:

You must sign up on at WoLD Forums. It's free!

You must begin a new thread on WoLD Forums.

Title your thread "[WIP] 11 Day Level Design - Winter"

Once you start you have 11 days to complete and create a playable level.

You must update WIP daily.

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter


Playable Game Level or Game Environment based on your idea, image, concept art, videogame environment you like or painting.

Any environment as long as it has the contest theme of 'Winter'.

Doesn't have to be final. Beta is what we are looking for.

Any Level Editor of your choice.

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter

11-Day Level Design Contest - Winter


AlexG, KeithGarry and NexusDog


The winner and 2 runner-ups will be featured on the front page of World of Level Design.

Satisfaction of completing a playable map in 11 days.

Contest/Challenge Tips:

Plan ahead. Very important to plan every day of what you are going to do.

Read Ebook: "How I finished a map in 11 Days."

Guidelines to follow. Modify to fit your idea:

DAY 1:
Idea, Research, Reference, Floor plan and Gameplay Elements.
Sketches, drawings.

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

DAY 4:

DAY 5:

DAY 6:

DAY 7:

DAY 8:

DAY 9:
Lighting, FX, Sound, Optimization

Day 10:
FX, Sound, FX, Optimization and Final Touches

DAY 11:
FX, Sound and Final Touches

Beta Release

Pick a simple idea that you can execute. Simple environment, one central location. Notice that simple is not easy. Don't pick an easy idea.

Focus here is to get you outside the comfort zone of your level design abilities and create something new and something you haven't done before.

Make sure to collect references.

We don't want perfect levels here. We want a playable level to be done in 11 days. Lit, textured, with all the game play elements that are required for your idea.

Implement quickly. Get it inside the editor and test.

After deciding what you are going to create, pick a focal point of your map and design around it.

Make progress everyday. Update your WIP thread with images. Best is to update your thread before the day is over. So the following day you can focus on mapping.


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