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Day 3: Unreal 3 11-Day Mapping Challenge

Category: Level Design/Game Environment Challenges
December 23, 2008



Terrain refining.

Yesterday I got the terrain where I like it. Today I accomplished two things. One was refining terrain and two adding water.

Basically today was the day where you don’t see much of visual progress.

Getting terrain down to where there are no gameplay hang ups. To where you can run freely and not get stuck on terrain geometry. I am still finding them here and there and taking care of them. Hoping when beta is released 90% of them will be gone.

Unreal 3 Terrain

Here I was taking care of sharp edges near the cliff. Using the flatten tool and smooth at the same time. I went around the island and taking care of that.

Unreal 3 Terrain

Unreal 3 Terrain

I also applied rock texture but just to gage where the cliffs are. Day 5 is texture pass. So I stayed away from spending a lot of time on anything texture.

Unreal 3 Terrain

Now adding the water took the longest. Approximately two hours of material connection editor.

If it wasn’t for Hourences tutorial on setting up water, I would have been lost. Huge chunk of time but I am happy its over with. Now it will be refining the water effects.

Its coming together. Especially here. Still extremely rough, but the key is to move forward everyday.

Adding water and terrain with skydome

Tomorrow will be focusing on building the house and modeling the lighthouse. I need to be 90 % done with geometry and modeling. I need to start adding static meshes to the island to make the place come to live.

Long day ahead tomorrow. But I love it. Love every minute of it.

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