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Day 4: Unreal 3 11-Day Mapping Challenge

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December 24, 2008



Last day for any geometry and modeling. After today I need to move on and concentrate on texturing, lighting and refining.

Day 4.

Getting into the thick of it. Today was huge productive day. I got up at 6:30 am and went to work.

This is where we left off yesterday. Bare, ugly checkered textures, big huge blocks and ugly terrain. My goal was to have majority of the modeling and geometry done.

Unreal 3 Terrain

So first things first I went online and began taking note of what models I need in my map. Instead of building everything and reinventing the wheel I will use what has already been done.

I started adding them to my map and slowly building them up. At this stage I began to narrow down my focus and concentrating one thing at a time.


Building the House

Building the House

Unreal 3 Terrain

Adding windows, possible lights, doorway, and fence. All the necessary things to make a house look like a house. Rooftop and chimney.

Inside UN-Foliage I found some kick ass models for trees and logs. Perfect for my map.

Adding details

Adding Details

After a few hours of looking through the model packages I jumped into Maya to model my Lighthouse.

When I model I always check the silhouette of the model and how appealing and strong it is. When in Maya and you haven't added any lights, just press 7.

Maya Modeling of the Lighthouse

Imported the lighthouse.

Imported lighthouse from Maya

Untextured and unUVed Lighthouse

Looking good, beginning of a future sexy screenshot

At this point I like where my map is going. It is slowly beginning to come together. When we add lighting, which is when the map begins to stand out. Its hard to say right now in terms of atmosphere because lack of fog and lights. As much as I want to start adding fx and lights, I know not to get a head of myself.

I will still need to tweak a lot of things around the house and lighthouse but at this point, tomorrow, I need to move on to texturing.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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