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Level Design Challenge - Gameplay and Flow Update

Category: Challenges
May 03, 2010


  • Deadline has been extended to May 21, 2010 - Friday.
  • Prize has been added
  • Criteria updated
  • WIP by WoLD members added

Prize has been submitted by courtesy of Luis Miranda aka Doruku.

Big thanks to Luis for offering the Prize to the Challenge Winner.

PRIZE: The winner will get StarCraft© II: Wings of Liberty™ Beta Test Invitation Code. One of a kind chance to try out the new Level Editor that comes with the beta. As well as to beta test StarCraft II.

DURATION: April 10, 2010 - May 21, 2010

GAME: Any Hammer Source Based Games.

BRIEF: Create a single-player or multiplayer, urban style map using predefined provided template created by Andy aka Nexusdog.


  • Hammer Source based game only
  • You must use the template, boundary box and block sizes as they are.
  • Very Important:
    You cannot extend the boundaries of the skybox. No modifying or adding your own blocks. You must use what blocks you were provided with in the template.
  • You can however remove walls, add doors, windows & decor/embellishments to your blocks
  • You can rotate through the Z axis
  • You MUST create a forum thread with
    WoLD: Gameplay Challenge - yourname
  • You must post work-in-progress in the same thread. Keep your thread active with what you are learning, discovering and any ideas you have for yourself. Problems and frustrations you are facing.
  • Deadline is May 10, 2010. Provide a download link to your map in your forum thread.
  • Your map doesn't have to be finished. Textures can be temporary, lighting can be a work in progress etc. All we are looking for is how fun does it play? Are all the gameplay mechanics there?
  • Bot play.


  • You cannot resize the dimensions, scale or change the shape of the given template blocks nor boundary
  • You must use the template, boundary box and block sizes as they are
  • You can however remove walls, add doors, windows decor/embellishments to your blocks
  • You can rotate through the Z axis
    This means... the sky box is the 'boundary'. Do not change the dimension, size or shape of the boundary. The blocks must retain their shape (which look suspiciously similar to tetris pieces), but you can remove walls, you can add doors & windows as long as the basic shape remains the same.
  • If you look at the blocks, you may have noticed they are simply Tetris pieces. Asuming you have played tetris, you will know that you can rotate the blocks 90 degrees around their axis as you look at them. In hammer, this corresponds to the z axis, or from above(plan) view.
  • The examples are deliberately incomplete so you can see the work in progress, layout and what has been achieved so far, which clearly shows removal of walls, editing walls, adding doors, windows and so forth. The only thing which is different, is the size of the boundary box, which is irrelevent for the sake of these examples - it's the layout, composition and editing which is important.
  • TIP - Using graph paper, or indeed lego, would help immensely in the planning stage of this challenge.
  • I hope this clarifies some of the confusion which has arisen.

JUDGES: AlexG, Andy 'Nexusdog', AlexS 'Smog'

Some questions we will be asking during judging. Not in any order.

  • Are all gameplay mechanics in play? Player starts, weapons, navigation and bots?
  • Was it clear of what the player should do?
  • Is navigation there? Can we play with bots and find it fun?
  • Is gameplay interesting and engaging?
  • Are there choices in the environment? Options for the player?
  • How well you kept within the guidelines of the criteria.
  • Is your map fun?

Random Work In Progress By Members:

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Disclaimer: All trademarks and copyrights are registered by Blizzard Entertainment and/or their respective owners. StarCraft© II: Wings of Liberty™ Beta Test Invitation Code will require you to create an account on Blizzards Battle.net website and download the beta. World of Level Design only provides the invitation code. No support is provided beyond that. Once the invitation code is sent to the winner he/she is responsible for installing and running the beta and to follow all the guidelines set by Blizzard Entertainment. The prize is not endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment.


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