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Storytelling Level Design Challenge #1

Category: Challenges
March 04, 2011

Mystical station by Jsome1, on Flickr

Photo Credit: Jsome1, on Flickr (Creative Commons Attribution License)

UPDATE: March 26, 2011 - Submitted Final Work Here

Storytelling Level Design Challenge. It is the first of its kind on World of Level Design.


What is Storytelling Level Design Challenge?

Below is a simple description of an open ended story written by Alex 'Smog' Shaw. Read the story and whatever comes to mind, whichever images appear in your imagination you are to create the visuals.

Create the visuals based on the story below. Key to Storytelling Level Design Challenge is to tell a story with your environment that you create.

"Long shadows are cast down the street as light from the setting sun hits various objects dotted about the roadside. On one side of the road there sits a lonely bench, which was dedicated to someone long dead. The bench was positioned in front of a low-lying wall that has recently started crumbling. Unlike most buildings in the village, the railway station behind the wall no longer stands proud like it once did. It was forsaken and left to whittle away over the years after the roof collapsed.

In contrast to the decay around the train station, the opposite side of the street has seen investment and as such the buildings have been re-born and impose the feeling that the rest of the village has entered a new age."

Written by: Alex 'Smog' Shaw

I want to thank Alex 'Smog' Shaw, who is the mastermind behind this challenge. As well as KeithG and Andy for contributing feedback and improving the challenge.


  • Any level editor of your choice
  • Create your work-in-progress thread. Update your forum thread with your wip and final submission. Work in progress thread must be started with the following: WoLD Storytelling Challenge 1 - YourName


  • Storytelling within your environment based on the short description. How well you followed the description and communicated that within your environment?
  • How well did you keep progress log?
  • Screenshots with no hud
  • 3 Beauty Screenshots
  • Optional: video trailer no longer then 30 seconds


  • Deadline: March 25, 2011 at midnight your time.
  • Judges: WoLD Members in a Public Poll based on 3 Beauty Shots you provided
  • Submission: 3 beauty screenshots, no hud
  • WIP Thread: Post final screenshots in your own Work In Progress Thread on WoLD Forums. (WoLD Forums are no longer available).

TUTORIALS: (optional)


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