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Storytelling Level Design Challenge #2 Work In Progress

Category: Level Design/Game Environment Challenges
February 04, 2012

Update #2: March 02, 2012 - Winner and Top 5 Entries
Update #1: Feb. 20, 2012 - Final Work Entries

Storytelling Level Design Challenge started off big. Within 2 days we had over 20 entries.

We are now at a half way point of the challenge and I wanted to showcase hard work in progress. All the work below is linked to a work-in-progress forum thread.


Allan (wip thread)

Allan WIP

Amarhazarika (wip thread)

Amarhazarika WIP

AtahanBozkurt (wip thread)

AtahanBozkurt WIP

bluedude86 (wip thread)

bluedude86 WIP

Burnill (wip thread)

Burnill WIP

Docker (wip thread)


Duruk (wip thread)

Duruk WIP

Hagss (wip thread)

Hagss WIP

hr0nic (wip thread)

hr0nic WIP

NightClucker (wip thread)

NightClucker WIP

sarge mat (wip thread)

sarge mat WIP

WarrenM (wip thread)

WarrenM WIP

xpldrox (wip thread)

xpldrox WIP

ZensDeath (wip thread)

ZensDeath WIP

Enter here and if you have any questions post them in this thread.

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