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WoLD Website Redesign

Category: News/Updates
June 12, 2014

I've had the redesign goal on the to do list for a while now. But other goals would tend to take its place. After months and months of avoiding wanting to update the design, I finally decided to get it done.

My goal wasn't to change the entire layout, but to improve it and to update the design. I wanted the site to be less boxy and more united in terms of color. I wanted to have more white space and more open. I wanted to include an option in design to offer bigger video sizes for each tutorial page.

What's in this new redesign for you?

I am always focused on what will be in it for you. So whether I am creating tutorials, ebooks, videos or products, I want to make sure that you become a better level designer and game environment artist from it.


After: (now)

As you can see, it isn't major redesign but a much needed face-lift.

It was difficult to find exactly what I wanted so I decided to code html/css myself from ground up. This added to the time of how long it took me but in the end I got what I wanted. Coding the html/css was satisfying, even if it felt like I should do something easier, like find and use already created template. But I'm known to choose the harder road that I have to carve out myself. Sometimes that benefits me other times it sets me back.

So here are the changes and what I think they bring to you and your experience.

  • The website is less blocky now. I wanted to open up and allow some breathing room. Before the background was dark and it isolated the main content in a narrow middle line. I wanted to have more white space and more breathing room.
  • The layout itself is the same. I felt that the experience and navigation before wasn't an issue, but different boxes, colors and outlines didn't unite the content.
  • Moved the main navigation to the top of the website.
  • Expanded the main topic categories navigation for most visited tutorial topics and software.
  • Store page changed to a lot simpler flow of products, and will offer much simpler way to see all products in a list and description.
  • The website includes many other cosmetic changes in color and design; as well asĀ  technical changes in code.
  • I made sure to be able to support older browsers as well, so the site was tested to work in older version of IE. But from stats most visitors are using Chrome or Firefox.
  • Facebook comments have been added, but they aren't live yet. I'll enable them very soon. So you will be able to read and post comments on any blog post on the site.

So I hope you like the design changes and the site feels more open and easier to navigate. Most importantly, I wanted to improve the reason why you come to World of Level Design, the tutorials and your experience reading, watching and taking in the knowledge to become a better level designer and game environment artist.


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