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Hammer Source Player Scale and World Dimensions

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December 21, 2010

One of the most fundamental aspects of level design is proper scale and dimensions. A door way that is few units too large or too small will ruin the illusion of your environment.

A building set to improper scale will destroy the immersion of the player in your environment.

Hammer Source has few key aspects of keeping your world on scale and proper proportions.

The Tutorial Covers:
How to keep your map to proper scale and dimensions
Hammer Source character scale, wall height, door dimensions, stairs
Developer textures
Grid values


Player Scale

Architecture Scale

Width/Depth: 32 units

1 foot = 16 units

Height: 72 units

Door Width: 48 units

Height Crouching: 36 units

Door Height: 108 units

Eye Level Crouching: 32

Hallway Height: 128 units

Eye Level Standing: 64

Hallway Width: 64 units

Slope to Climb: 45 degrees

Stairs Height: 8 units

Stairs Depth: 16 units

Max Step Height: 18 units

L4D: World Scale and Dimensions

L4D: World Scale and Dimensions


First thing you want to do is insert a player reference scale. This is an entity that inserts a player model. Depending on the game you are creating your environment for the entity name varies.

Character Height: 72 units

info_player_start (all Source based games)
info_player_terrorist or info_player_counterterrorist (Counter-Strike: Source)
info_survivor_position (L4D1/2)
info_player_teamspawn (TF2)


All the following values are avarage dimensions. Use them as a base reference, but often they may have to be tweaked depending on the environment.

Door Width: 48 units
Door Height: 108 units

Wall Height: 128 units
Hallway Width: 64 units

Stairs Height: 8 units
Stairs Depth: 16 units
Max Step Height: 18 units


Pay very close attention to your grid and geometry values.


Using developer textures is additional way to help you with scale, dimensions and architecture proportion.

Open up the texture browser by clicking on the Face Edit Sheet and filter by dev


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