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UE4: Spotlight - 16 Submitted Artworks From "UE4 The Corridor Project"

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May 26, 2016 (Updated July 20, 2017)

"UE4 The Corridor Project" was created out of need.

A need for a full step-by-step workflow on how to construct an environment from start to finish using Unreal Engine 4.

Prior to launch of "UE4 The Corridor Project", I released a 30+ minute video detailing an overview of how the environment was constructed. As of now (May 26, 2016) the video has been viewed 73,000+ times and liked over 1,100+ times. It is on its way to be the most popular video I ever put out.

But this isn't about the video.

It is about YOU - the WoLD tribe, who continues to watch the videos, reading the tutorials and learning more to become the best level designers and game environment artists.

Now, I want to share some of the submitted work from The Corridor Project as completed by you!

I really appreciate everyone who submitted their work. I am very thankful for your support. You make WoLD possible and it is why I spend so much on the website and on each tutorial. It is also why I will continue to do so!

I am very pleasantly surprised how much variety there is. I'm also a bit envious of some changes and additions I wish I came up myself at the time of creation.

All screenshots below were submitted by artists who have completed "UE4 The Corridor Project. List below is not presented in any specific order.

1. Jerry P.


Jerry took the Corridor to a whole new level. Image sharpness and addition of new complimentary color scheme (red and green) really makes this stand out and pop.

Jerry also shared a video fly-through with additional changes to geometry, lighting and atmosphere to make it unique.

2. Filipe G


Amazing work by Filipe. I was blown away when I saw this. Filipe took the "UE4 Corridor" assets and went beyond to create a "Research Facility" with additional custom assets of his own.

Research Facility - UE4 from Filipe Gonçalves:

3. Damin Design

Facebook Page/Twitter

I think Damian had a lot of fun with trying different spaces and layouts for the Corridor. Damian even added custom decal room numbers on each door as explained in UE4 Decals tutorial series.

4. Alex S.


Alex made the Corridor more spacious by extending the walls, columns and windows up. It makes the space open and creates the illusion that there is a lot more to this environment than what we see.

Makes me want to explore.

5. Adam B.


Adam created a tight hotel style Corridor with low-key lighting. There is a nice repeating lighting pattern of spot lights along the floor guiding you to the focal point - elevator doors.

6. Rocky3D


Rocky followed the specs of The Corridor, precisely. I find it harder to re-create something exactly as being shown than take artistic liberties. Scale and dimensions have to be exact. Great work by Rocky.

7. Ketul M.


Ketul created wider space in the Corridor, horizontally.

You can see how changing different spatial aspects of your environment creates a different "feel".

8. Marta N.


Marta created a great looking Corridor with very tight lighting, lots of colors and contrast that draws your eye in and makes you want to explore. Makes each image pop.

9. Ricardo G.


Ricardo followed the specs yet still added lighting and geometry variation to make it unique. Just the right amount of lighting contrast to make the Corridor stand out. Great work from amazing concept artist.

10. Gerbilho

Gerbilho shared a video fly-through. In hour 10 of the video series we focus on creating a Matinee fly-through using 2 camera set-up. I love the tight and professional camera work Gerbilho added with addition of a moody soundtrack to up the atmosphere.

11. Justin C.

Justin followed the series and expanded to widen the Corridor. The final corridor and fly-through is very "tight" and "crisp". The camera work is great, especially at the end of the video where it goes up to the second floor and smoothly turns around.

WoLD Corridor - Justin Carlson Variation from Justin C:

12. Heheming

Heheming expand the corridor to be a bit wider. The lighting looks great for both interior and exterior shots.

13. Philipp L.

Philipp did a great job on the Corridor. Adding custom decals on the doors and a flickering light that can be seen in the video. Both add a nice and unique touch to the project.

14. Pigggglet


Great lighting and nice tight camera work from this project study by Pigggglet.

15. Steven F.

Steven followed the tutorial series and even included additional static meshes from Epic's "Infiltrator Demo". Watch the video fly-through for "Infiltrator Demo" asset to make an appearance.

16. Jon Von S.


Jon started blocking in The Corridor prior to the release. The addition of second floor is something I really liked and wished I did that in the series. Of course, you could add it in yourself after going through the series.

Jon also used his own character model reference and developer textures.

17. Bonus: Zaac S.


The list wouldn't be complete without showing the set up Zaac used while watching the videos.

Thank You and Submit Your Project

I want to thank again to everybody who submitted and shared their work.

If you have completed The Corridor Project, email me final screenshots, tweet at WoLD or share on WoLD Facebook. I will share them with WoLD fans and add the work to this page with credit to you and a link back to your website, Twitter page or Facebook page.

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