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How to Set Up Grid Scale in Maya for UT 3

Category: Unreal Tournament 3
April 13, 2009

Setting up proper scale grid and spacing in Maya is crucial to importing from Maya to Unreal 3. It helps you to snap to the grid, set up and follow proper scale proportions and makes the whole workflow between Maya and Unreal 3 hell of a lot easier.

So lets set up the grid in Maya to match the grid in Unreal 3 editor.

First go up to Display --> Grid, and click on the options box.

Grid Options for Maya to Unreal

Grid Options box comes up. These are the numbers you want in the first three input boxes.

1 --> How big you want your grid to be, size wise. This has nothing to do with grid spacing.

2 --> In the third box we have 16 units. 16x16 is 256. 256 is relative to 16 subdivisions in our third box. So this numberwill change depending on the subdivisions. If you want your grid to be 32 units, then 32x32=1024

3 --> 16 means that 16 units are exactly the same 16 units that will be in unreal. If you want to change it up or down then you would multiply that number by itself. The number that you come up with will go into input box 2. Lets say you want your grid to be 8 unreal units then 8x8=64. 64 would go into box number 2.

Keep this number in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 etc. This will make sure your maya units are the same as unreal units.

Grid Options for Maya to Unreal

This is Unreal 3 scale box. Each square is 16 units, as in our subdivisions above. There are 6 boxes total that scale takes up.

16x6=96 units high.

Which is exactly the number of units it is in unreal.

Grid Options for Maya to Unreal

Maya to Unreal 3 Grid

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