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Halloween Level Design/Game Env Challenge 2010

Category: Level Design/Game Environment Challenges
October 03, 2010

Halloween Level Design, Game Environment Challenge 2010

UPDATE #1: Oct. 13, 2010 - Halloween Challenge 2010 Sneak Peak

UPDATE #2: Oct. 27, 2010 - Halloween Challenge 2010 Final Sneak Peak

UPDATE #3: Nov. 2, 2010 - Halloween Challenge 2010 Submissions/Voting

RESULTS/WINNERS: Nov. 9, 2010 - Halloween Challenge 2010 Winners

World of Level Design is celebrating its birthday in October. It has been 2 years since first article went live.

To celebrate the 2-Year Anniversary, we are kicking off a month long challenge.

Andy 'Nexusdog' Purnell is the mastermind behind this challenge.


Create an Environment with Halloween Styled Buiding/Haunted House as the Focal Point.

MUST include a reference to World of Level Design as part of the environment. Custom texture or a model. How you incorporate this is completely up to you. It can be a simple logo, custom texture, or 3d model. It can say Happy Birthday WoLD or just simply World of Level Design. Make it part of the environment.

Any Game Editor or Any 3D Modeling Application

Create 3 beauty shots with at least one shot showing a reference to World of Level Design.

WIP thread in WoLD Forums.

You are free to create a explorable environment, a full level for gameplay, or simply a high quality environment for a portfolio.

We want you to really have fun with this challenge and create something you would love.

Remember: Strong Halloween Theme with Haunted House as the Focal Point.

Halloween Level Design, Game Environment Challenge 2010


Contest runs from October. 02, 2010 - October. 31, 2010

You have the entire month to create Halloween Styled Building/House Environment.


WIP Log in Challenge Forum: YOURNAME_HALLOWEEN

Final images to be clear (do not show game HUD).

3 beauty shots, 1 to include WoLD reference.


Sign up on at WoLD Forums. It's free!

Begin a new thread on WoLD Forums, YOURNAME_HALLOWEEN

Update WIP thread with your work.

When done, post 3 beauty shots in your WIP Thread. We'll grab them and include them for judging.


Public Poll on the forums.


Strong Halloween Theme

Focal Point: House/Building

A beauty shot showing a reference to WoLD.

Entries to be judged by registered WoLD forum members in an open public poll.


Download World of Level Design icons, logos and texts here. (link removed - outdated challenge)

Or create a variation of your own. It is up to you. The zip does contains various jpgs, tga as well as one vmt and vtf for Source Engine, ready to use.


Halloween Level Design, Game Environment Challenge 2010

Halloween Level Design, Game Environment Challenge 2010

Halloween Level Design, Game Environment Challenge 2010

Halloween Level Design, Game Environment Challenge 2010



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