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Day 7: Unreal 3 11-Day Mapping Challenge

Category: Challenges, UE3/UDK
December 27, 2008



First day of lighting.

I started with adding the directional light for the main light source of the sun/moon. Then I began adding little area lights around the house. I wanted to use the blues and orange contrast. Complimentary colors.

I actually have two directional lights. One for the main light source, the other is to fill in the shadows but with a lot lower brightness setting

Unreal 3 Lighting

Unreal 3 Lighting

I didn't like the sunset feeling around the island so I decided to swap it out for nighttime. I like it a lot better.

Unreal 3 Lighting

Testing to see how it all looks without and skylights to fill in the dark gaps.

Unreal 3 Lighting

Here I added the fog to see how it would look with it and if it is coming together.

Unreal 3 Lighting and Fog

I added a lighthouse beam, which required setting up a matinee in Unreal. It rotates and loops. Took me a while to set that up. But it works and adds a lot to the map.

Unreal 3 Lighting and Fog

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