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UE4: How to Rename Your Project

Category: Unreal Engine 4
June 04, 2015

In this tutorial you will learn how to rename projects to a different name than what you currently have.

1. Open Unreal Engine Launcher

Open up "Unreal Engine Launcher" and navigate to your list of projects:

2. Go To Storage Location of a Project

Right click on the project thumbnail you want to change the name of and choose Show in Folder:

This will open the location where this project is stored.

3. Change .uproject File Name

In this folder change the name of .uproject file to the name you want:

Make sure this name is less than 20 characters.

4. Change Default Engine Config Entry

Then in the "Config" folder inside the same project folder, open the "DefaultEngine.ini"

Change Project Name under:


If you do not see this text: "[URL] GameName=ProjectName", then add it in manually.

5. Change Folder Name

Finally, change the name of the project folder to another name. This is not required but it helps to keep everything the same name.

The project will not show up in the Library > My Project section due to changed folder name. Follow this tutorial, starting with Step 3 to associate your project and point Unreal Engine Launcher to the correct path directory.

6. C++ Code References

For C++, you may have to update any references of your project in code.

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